• Image of Blissful Winter Essence Mist

Blissful Winter Essence Mist is a blend of orange, cedarwood, frankincense and fir essential oils, with essence of self heal and kunzite crystal, in Chalice Well spring water. It is infused with reiki healing energy to lift the spirit and calm the mind.

Self heal flower essence helps to calm and centre the spirit, and enhances the effectiveness of the essential oil blend. Kunzite crystal aids with lifting your mood, and helping to heal emotional problems.

This blend is mixed with water that I gathered from the spring at Chalice Well in Glastonbury, one of the most loved holy wells in Britain. It's waters are acknowledged by many as the essence of life.

Hand blended and infused with reiki healing energy and much love.

Use as a room spray, aura spray, linen spray, or even keep in your car to soothe away stressful moments, lift your spirit, and of course, for the scent of Christmas! Your spray will come in a 100ml glass bottle with a mister top.