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Crystal Chip Bracelets

£2.99 - £8.00
Crystal Chip Bracelets

Beautiful crystal chips on an elasticated bracelet, a perfect way to keep crystal magic with you, and they look so beautiful when stacked.

Choose from..

Aquamarine - The stone of mermaids, aquamarine is great for travellers. It is also known as a love token and is a stone of justice and communication.

Rose Quartz - The stone of love, particularly self love and mothering.

Carnelian - A stone of courage, associated by the Ancient Egyptians with the setting sun, and also the menstrual blood of the mother goddess.

Green Aventurine - Said to be the luckiest of all crystals, and great to have in the workplace.

Amethyst - Known as the 'all healer', Amethyst is believed to help prevent headaches and is also great to wear to bed, to guard against nightmares and insomnia.

Citrine - A stone of luck, prosperity and wealth. Citrine is also helpful for breaking a cycle of worry or guilt.

Flourite - A stone for gentle honesty and logical thought, great for work and for parenting.

Jade - A symbol of virtue and love, inviting harmony and peace to the mind.

Opalite - Gives strength, good in transitional times.

Strawberry Quartz - a symbol of universal love, good for self love and confidence.

Amazonite - Soothes emotional trauma and helps with finding universal love.

Clear Quartz - a 'master healer', which helps with concentration and memory.

Rhodochrosite - Love, peace, joy, tranquility and life force energy.

Watermelon Tourmaline - A powerful heart stone, helps restore balance to your chakras and to connect with your higher self.

Kunzite - Calm, peace, strength, self love and self worth.

Larimar - Wisdom and heightened understanding of the universe.

Sodalite - Brings calmness and order to the mind, encouraging rational thought, truth and intuition.